Conservatorships & Guardianships

In Tennessee, when persons have or develop a disability to such an extent that they would benefit from a fiduciary or caregiver to be appointed to help them, those persons would find help from the Conservatorship and Guardianship laws of the State of Tennessee.

Conservators are persons or entities that act as a court supervised fiduciary (with authority similar to an attorney-in-fact when a power of attorney is granted). Conservators can be empowered to make financial or medical decisions for a disabled person.

Guardianships are similar to conservatorships, only that the disabled person is typically a minor.

When it comes to the control of a person’s affairs, financial and otherwise, there can be a few eggshells. Adults often do not want to admit that they need someone else to make decisions about their money, or where they should live, or even “house rules” such as curfews.

Other times the person who needs a guardian or conservator does not dispute that reality, but there may be some debate on who is best for the role.

Attorney Radford H. Dimmick has experience dealing with all these types of situations, handling issues regarding conservatorships and guardianships is an extension of serving families and making sure children and those who are temporarily or permanently disabled are cared for by someone who has their best interests at heart.

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