He is the Greatest!

I hired Radford for a family law case. He was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the process. He was always very upfront and honest about my options and any obstacles. He was great at communicating, always easy to get in touch with, and spoke to me like a friend, not just a client. He listened to my story, studied my evidence, learned my case, and took advantage of every law and process in my favor to get me a win. You will not regret hiring Mr. Dimmick.

(5 star review)

– Jennifer

The Guy You Want On Your Side

It was refreshing to use the services of an attorney who did not try to tell me how perfect everything was in my case and just bluntly tell me what my options were and how likely they would be for success or failure. I hired Rad for my divorce and a will contest and was…
- John (5 star review)
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