Nothing in the practice of law is more gratifying than helping clients achieve the peace of the resolution of their legal conflict. It is because of this that Attorney Dimmick went back to school to receive training as a Tennessee Supreme Court Listed Rule 31 General Civil and Family Mediator. In such a role, Attorney Dimmick helps litigants quickly and inexpensively resolve their disputes without the need of further court proceedings. By employing his over 25 years of legal experience, Attorney Dimmick is well equipped to act as a neutral to mediate disputes in divorces, probate matters as well as commercial matters.

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It was refreshing to use the services of an attorney who did not try to tell me how perfect everything was in my case and just bluntly tell me what my options were and how likely they would be for success or failure. I hired Rad for my divorce and a will contest and was…
- John (5 star review)
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