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Probate Law

Attorney Radford H. Dimmick has guided hundreds of clients through the probate process in Tennessee for over 20 years. Attorney Dimmick understands that when a loved one passes, it can be a difficult and emotional time for the people he or she leaves behind. He provides his clients compassionate legal counsel when they are most...

Conservatorships & Guardianships

In Tennessee, when persons have or develop a disability to such an extent that they would benefit from a fiduciary or caregiver to be appointed to help them, those persons would find help from the Conservatorship and Guardianship laws of the State of Tennessee. Conservators are persons or entities that act as a court supervised...

Family Law & Divorce

Regardless the nature of the couple's relationship, divorce is always a complicated situation for everyone involved. Emotions are high, and disputes are common. Before you begin divorce proceedings, protect your interests by consulting a qualified Nashville divorce lawyer who can explain the process and help you make the best possible decisions for your case. Tennessee...

Business or Commercial Litigation

Business relationships, like marriages, can end quickly and sometimes rather unexpectedly. When that happens, it is necessary to have someone on your side, so the ties between you and your past business partner can be severed properly and legally. Attorney Radford H. Dimmick can help you with the dissolution of your business relationship, whether you...


Nothing in the practice of law is more gratifying than helping clients achieve the peace of the resolution of their legal conflict. It is because of this that Attorney Dimmick went back to school to receive training as a Tennessee Supreme Court Listed Rule 31 General Civil and Family Mediator. In such a role, Attorney...

Estate Planning

Attorney Radford H. Dimmick is an experienced estate planning attorney who has advised a wide variety of clients throughout the State of Tennessee. He provides his clients with knowledgeable, skilled legal advice that is individually tailored to his or her needs. Attorney Radford H. Dimmick has helped hundreds of individuals create estate plans with the...

The Guy You Want On Your Side

It was refreshing to use the services of an attorney who did not try to tell me how perfect everything was in my case and just bluntly tell me what my options were and how likely they would be for success or failure. I hired Rad for my divorce and a will contest and was…
- John (5 star review)
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