Business or Commercial Litigation

Business relationships, like marriages, can end quickly and sometimes rather unexpectedly. When that happens, it is necessary to have someone on your side, so the ties between you and your past business partner can be severed properly and legally. Attorney Radford H. Dimmick can help you with the dissolution of your business relationship, whether you had a partnership, a corporation, or an LLC. It is very important to make sure all business ties are properly dissolved, so you do not have any further legal of financial liability. A failure to have that done properly could put you at risk, but it’s easily avoidable.

If you are interested in creating a business instead of dissolving one, you have come to the right place for that, as well. By having a great Nashville business lawyer to help you, you will be able to set up a corporation or an LLC, or partner up with someone you know and trust, so you can get into the business world. No matter what kind of company you are thinking about starting, you will want to make sure it is all legal and set up properly. Then you will have any and all protections afforded to you by that particular business type. Consulting a Nashville business lawyer is a great way to decide what type of business entity you need. Until you work with a lawyer, you will not have all the information you really need in order to make sure you are setting up the right type of company. The right lawyer is one who has years of experience with the type of law that will affect your plans and goals. When you select Radford H. Dimmick as your lawyer, you will benefit from his years of experience in business and commercial litigation.

Since 1997, Attorney Radford H. Dimmick has provided high quality legal services when it comes to business and commercial litigation throughout Tennessee. With a central location in Nashville, it is convenient to most commercial centers in the state. Having a Nashville business lawyer who really knows the law is crucial for the future of your business. Call Radford H. Dimmick for any of your business or commercial needs.