Family Law & Divorce

Regardless the nature of the couple’s relationship, divorce is always a complicated situation for everyone involved. Emotions are high, and disputes are common. Before you begin divorce proceedings, protect your interests by consulting a qualified Nashville divorce lawyer who can explain the process and help you make the best possible decisions for your case.

Tennessee Divorce Law

To file for divorce in Tennessee, the filing spouse must have been a resident of the state for at least 6 months. Divorce in Tennessee can either be fault or no-fault, depending on the circumstances.

Regardless of whether divorce is fault or no-fault, Tennessee divorce courts will seek to divide marital property equitably. Depending on the financial situation of each spouse, the court may order one spouse to pay alimony to the other. If the divorcing couple shares one or more children, parenting plans and child support orders may also be established during the course of divorce proceedings.

Protecting Your Assets before Marriage

Even if you are not yet married, you may still benefit from the services of an attorney with experience in this practice area. If you and/or your intended spouse are entering the union with valuable assets, you may decide to sign a prenuptial or ante-nuptial agreement before the marriage. Such an agreement is intended to protect the individual interests of both spouses so that neither suffers financially as a result of the union.

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Since 1997, Radford H. Dimmick has been successfully handling divorce cases in the State of Tennessee, and he understands all of the nuances of Tennessee divorce law. Attorney Dimmick is also a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed General Civil and Family Mediator.

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