Radford Dimmick


I have been privileged to practice law in the great State of Tennessee since 1997. If I can provide my experience to you or someone you know in the areas of:

  • Estate and Trust Administration and Litigation
  • Family Law and Divorce
  • Business Formation, Dissolution and Litigation, and
  • Mediation

...then please feel free to contact my office. If for any reason I am unable to assist you, I will do my best to get you to counsel who can help.

I am also a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Family and Civil mediator. I welcome the opportunity to help parties resolve their disputes in an inexpensive and hopefully amicable manner.


  • The Guy You Want On Your Side

    It was refreshing to use the services of an attorney who did not try to tell me how perfect everything was in my case and just bluntly tell me what my options were and how likely they would be for success or failure. I hired Rad for my divorce and a will contest and was completely satisfied with ...
  • Good man great lawyer.

    Mr. Radford saved me and my kids from getting out put in the street when my ex went crazy on me. I thought about giving up my kids but Mr. Radford fought for us. He is more than a lawyer He is family. (5 star review)
  • No other lawyer is needed

    I say that because Rad will find an attorney for you if he can not help you. I have hired him 5-6 times since he opened his practice and he always either takes care of my cases or gets me to someone who has helped me. He takes your problems, makes them his own, and will go to the mat for you! I h...
  • He saved my life

    When I first met Rad, he came to visit me in jail because my soon to be ex-wife made up a story that I was selling drugs out of our house with our baby girl present. I was about to lose my freedom, my little girl, my house, my job, my everything. (I was glad to get rid of the wife!) Bit by bit, b...
  • He helped me a lot

    My business partners tried to take our company away from me. I was scared and they took advantage of me being scared. Radford was patient with me and explained all my choices to me without making me feel stupid. He got my equity out of the company for me and held my partners accountable. He did a...
  • Highly Recommended

    I have had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Dimmick not only for family matters, but for a business dispute as well. He is very knowledgable and forthright, as well as sensitive and responsive. In one case, I was suing my business partner for a reasonable settlement when my partner was being unreasonab...
  • Knowledgeable

    Radford is a knowledgeable, hard-working attorney who uses his substantial experience to provide his clients with excellent legal advice. He's a great choice for anyone seeking representation in family law matters. (5 star review)
  • I endorse Radford

    Radford is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community. (5 star review)
  • Go to lawyer

    I have known Mr. Dimmick for many years. I once practiced in an office down the hall, and had the privilege of being able to walk in and “pick his brain” almost anytime I needed. When I personally needed a Will I went to Rad. (… and I know you would think a lawyer would be able to draft his own W...
  • Highly qualified attorney

    I have known Rad for over 15 years and have sought his advice often on legal issues ranging from probate to family law and everything in between. He is a highly qualified attorney who works tirelessly for his clients and I recommend him without reservation.
  • I highly recommend Rad

    I have worked with Radford on a few cases and I have had to face him as opposing counsel on a few as well. He is very professional, very knowledgeable, and will put all he has and more into representing his clients. If I have a question, he is my first call. I highly recommend Rad and can say you...
  • Top-notch attorney.

    Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.
  • Wish I had gone to him sooner

    He took care of something in 2 months that my previous attorney took 10 months to screw up! Rad is a good guy and doesn't try to make you feel bad for your mistakes. He tells it like it is. (5 star review)
  • He is the Greatest!

    I hired Radford for a family law case. He was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the process. He was always very upfront and honest about my options and any obstacles. He was great at communicating, always easy to get in touch with, and spoke to me like a friend, not just a client. He lis...
  • Great

    So thankful that I hired him!!Rad stuck by me and is definitely a great attorney!! He helped win my case when my x husband felt he didn't want too pay child support. Definately a good attorney!! (5 star review)
  • Excellent Attorney

    I wish I had hired Radford as my first attorney. He picked up the mess my previous attorney had made, and fought for me and my sister. His communication was excellent; he kept me informed along every step of the process. He never failed to return my call or email. He has an excellent knowledge of...
  • Very Helpful with my Mom's Estate

    Radford has been helping me with my Mom's estate for the last 5 months. I've always felt like his responses were fast and he's helped me through the probate process. I contacted a couple of attorneys before him and I'm glad I chose to go with him. He's now helping me with my Grandmother's estate ...
  • An Expert in his Field

    Rad's guidance through one of the most difficult times in my life was priceless and irreplaceable. As uncertain as my case was, I always knew Rad was the best person for the job. One of the biggest hurdles in my case was custody of my daughter. I told Rad at the beginning that I would never settl...

The Guy You Want On Your Side

It was refreshing to use the services of an attorney who did not try to tell me how perfect everything was in my case and just bluntly tell me what my options were and how likely they would be for success or failure. I hired Rad for my divorce and a will contest and was…
- John (5 star review)
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